Vol 3 Section 0398

348                                                                        1900

March 31 Saturday

AprilBookman (London) ran an anonymous review of the Chatto & Windus collection of Mark Twain’s works, commenting on the pleasure in looking again at RI, TS, GA, and LM [Tenney 32].

Current Literature (NY) featured a large photo of Mark Twain “recently taken in London” on its cover though only a short paragraph on p.102 of comment: “The white hair emphasizes his advancing years, but the face is the same strong and kindly one so familiar to Americans” [not in Tenney]. See insert

Grace Reuter wrote from Brussels Belgium to Sam.

Today, I received your two letters [not extant], and also another letter from Mr. Gage, and in view of the circumstances, and with a knowledge of how much good your good opinion of Florizel will do the boy, with the American public, I am strongly tempted to take him back to London for this opportunity alone. [She suggested bringing the boy over Thursday or Friday] …for you to see him and become a little better acquainted with his abilities than you can by a letter [MTP]. Note: see Apr. 28 to Reuter for an exposition of this lad, a prodigy violinist.

April 1 SundayAt 30 Wellington Court in London, England Sam wrote to Sir William Martin Conway.

“I am dreadfully sorry, but we have but this moment returned from E.A. Abbey’s.

If I had known it was a birthday orgie I would have forseen that it would run late, but I had forgotten that detail. I hope we can go to the Cosmopolitan another night.”

Sam suggested he was free the following night, Monday, Apr. 2 [MTP]. Note: It is not known if Sam and Conway got together on Apr. 2—no NB entry for the date. Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), American artist and illustrator, celebrated his 48th birthday this day, Apr. 1. See entries in Vol. 1 & 2. Sam’s notebook contains an entry for “Sir Martin Conway, Cosmopolitan Club, 11.30 p.m.,” and a dinner with “E.A. Abbey, 42 Tite st.” [NB 43 TS 6a].

On or about this day Sam also wrote a short note to Poultney Bigelow, asking if he would go to the House of Lords with him to testify before the Select Committee on the Copyright bill—where should they meet at 11 a.m.? [MTP].

April 2 MondayAt 30 Wellington Court in London, England Sam acknowledged receipt of £1,019.

18s. 3d. from Chatto & Windus for sales of the de luxe edition [MTP; Welland 203].

Sam also wrote one sentence to John Y. MacAlister: “I have received the £2,500 from New York, & shall try to

look in to-morrow afternoon, & hand it to you” [MTP]. Note: Sam had requested $12,500 from Rogers on Mar. 11. The

exchange rate at this time: $1 equal to £0.20, or 1:5; in this case the $12,500 requested translated to £2,500 [http://www.measuringworth.org/].

April 3 Tuesday Sam’s notebook: “Testify before the Copyright Committee, House of Lords (on copyright). Lord Monkswell, Knutsford, Avebury, & 2 others” [NB 43 TS 6a]. Note: in his Apr. 5 NB entry Sam identifies Lord Avebury as “formerly Sir John Lubbock”.

London: Sam spoke before the Select Committee on Copyright in the House of Lords. On Apr. 4, p.6

The New York Times reported Mark Twain’s testimony:

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.