Vol 3 Section 0396

346                                                                        1900

Farmington Avenue. There was talk a while ago of their going to Princeton to live, but these letters are to the effect that they are coming to rejoin the circle of their old Hartford friends and that this will be done soon.

Also in the Times, Mar. 30 on p. 3, was this bit of news from England datelined Mar. 29:

Mark Twain May Testify on Copyright.

LONDON, March 29.—In the course of the discussion of Copyright bills in the House of Lords to-day, Lord Monkswell said that Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) was desirous of testifying before the Select Committee. [Note: see Apr. 3.]

Sam’s notebook : “Robert McClure, / Devonshire Club, 7.30. To meet Mr. Eden Philpots; Bullen, author of the ‘Cruise of the Cachelot,’ & Mr. Major, author of ‘When Knighthood was in Flower’” [NB 43 TS 6a].

Note: Eden Phillpotts (1862-1960), author [Gribben 545].Frank Thomas Bullen (1857-1915), author of The Cruise of the Cachalot Round the World after Sperm Whales (1898); Bullen wrote to Sam on Apr. 5 [Gribben 110].: Bullen inscribed another of his books to Mark Twain on Mar. 30. See entry. Charles Major (1856-1913), pseudonym Edward Caskoden, author of When Knighthood Was in Flower, etc. (1898) [Gribben 447].

March 30 before – Frank Bliss wrote to Sam about discrepancies in origins of the “Jumping Frog” story:

[Written in top margin:] This is yr a/c of how you originally heard the Story, told by a man who was not telling it to his hearers as a thing new to them. He was a dull person and ignorant he… [in bottom margin:] Then follows the Greek Story (Sidgwick) of Jumping Frog.

[verso:] Dear Clemens, I suppose those sentences on other side are just as you intended them, as they are just as they have been printed in other places; but they are exactly the reverse of the original story you know—

If by any chance you want to change these let ‘em come right back quick as we are ready for press nearly [MTP]. Note: See Sam’s Mar. 30 reply. Allowing for mail from Hartford to London, this would be Mar. 22 at the earliest.

March 30 FridaySam’s notebook: Lunch. Mr. Lucy, of ‘Punch.’ / Mrs. Fitzgerald, dinner” [NB 43 TS 6a]. Note:

The luncheon may have been canceled or completed; as Sam sometimes lined through things done.

At 30 Wellington Court in London about this day, Livy responded to an offer and letter by Louisa Baird about the Texas land. Sam forwarded her reply to Franklin G. Whitmore. Livy replied that Baird’s letter (not extant) must be sent on to Hartford where “it will be seen what can be done”—if her offer was better than what Franklin Whitmore could do, it would be considered [MTP]. Note: though the letter is undated, the envelope reveals it was rec’d in NY on Apr. 8. See entries for Archer County Texas Land, vol. I MTDBD.

Sam also replied to Frank Bliss’ questions about the origin of the “Jumping Frog” story.

Correct the discrepancies; make any changes you like. I cannot do it myself, as I have neither of the stories by me. The proofs are in the hands of the printers in Scotland. Please send ME a proof of your emendations, so that I can use them in the English edition in case publication shall be postponed a few months, as I am expecting (I am changing English publishers) [MTP]. Note: Sam added a PS that he would “probably come home in July,” then continued:

Privately, between you & me, there was no Greek story. The Professor “lifted” my story & translated it into Greek without giving credit. He has apologised. I don’t wish to give him away.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.