Vol 3 Section 0374

324                                                                        1900

January 12 FridayAt 30 Wellington Court in London, England Sam wrote to cousin, Dr. James R.


Are you home again, or still away?

Mrs. Clemens is up & out—yesterday, & again to-day. I think she only needs that Vienna albumen [Plasmon] now. Where does one get it? [MTP]. Note: Sam’s stationery continued to own a black-border for mourning.

On the back of an envelope dated Jan. 11, 1900, postmarked London, Sam wrote a list of notes about Samuel S. McClure’s offer

S.S.’s proposition (triple) Jan. 1900

No. 1 Satisfactory.


         Not quite clear. We must talk it over.


Prefer M.T. Ch. E.


Wish to say I could not take a Dept. for the pub. would expect it to be “comic” (by Galaxy experience) & humor should be used sparingly for best effect—as a Roman punch to sauce the meal, not as the meal itself. If I edit the whole magazine (with grave help) no one will expect it to comic


Character-Guesser? [line drawn from here to “Do you want” at bottom of env.]

Other Ed. to do all correspondence; ask for articles; arrange terms; make up each number & submit to me for approval or disap


I to be the responsible Ed.


How if I die, or find out, any time after first year that I better retire?


Can then retire, upon certain terms.


The 20% share to be not for 5 yr, but permanent.


If I ruin my books, I want the 20% to compensate.


I to live outside N. York


Do you want [MTP].

January 13 SaturdayAt 30 Wellington Court in London, England Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.