Vol 3 Section 0363

1899                                                                            313

and Charles Cotton’s country, Beresford dale, the Dove and Manyfold from / Thomas / Wardle / Swainsley / November 29th 1899” [Gribben 740].

November 30 Thursday – London. Sam’s 64th Birthday.

Sam wrote to Frank Bliss:

“Dear Bliss: / Please send me, care Chatto, a copy of ‘Following the Equator.’

“How does the Harper assignment affect you—to your injury, or otherwise” [David Brass Rare Books; online Oct. 3, 2009; MTPO]

December“The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg” first ran in Harper’s Monthly. It was collected in The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories and Essays (1900), and My Debut as a Literary Person, with Other Essays and Stories (1903) [Budd, Collected 2: 1005].

Mercure de France for December anonymously reviewed Mark Twain’s Collected Works in an article titled, “Lettres Anglaises” [Tenney 29].

Alvan F. Sanborn’s article, “French Openmindedness” ran in Atlantic Monthly, p.847 and included Twain in a list of American writers most admired by French readers [Wells 25].

December 1 FridayIn London, England Sam wrote a postcard reply to John Y. MacAlister.

“Thank you ever so much.

Dine there—with the L.C.J. & millions of journalists present? No-no, I have lately come of age, & know better. / SLC” [MTP].

December 2 Saturday

December 3 Sunday

December 4 MondayIn London, England Sam wrote to Richard R. Bowker.

Indeed I should like to have a proof -slip of that compilation which I could keep—for although it is not likely that at this time I could find time to write an article, I might get the chance in the bye & bye.

The best of the century for you! [MTP].

J. Henry Harper wrote to Rogers, the letter referred to in Sam’s Dec. 22 PS to Harrison. See in MTHHR


December 5 Tuesday

December 6 Wednesday

December 7 ThursdayIn London, England Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers asking to see if Harpers would agree to Sam having rights to cancel the contracts after ten years, the same rights granted to Harpers under the contract. And, since he’d given the new book to Harpers under the assurance of Samuel McClure who was joining forces with Harpers, and now the union was off under a reorganization plan, wasn’t Sam “morally entitled to withdraw the book”? Harper’s didn’t seem to advertise Mark Twain books and Sam concluded “Harper’s can’t sell books & have proved it” [MTHHR 417-8].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.