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1899                                                                            277

would be published in the 22-volume Uniform Edition of his works. “It is plenty long enough, & I shall be glad to see it take the place of the longer one you are now publishing” [MTP]. Note: Lutz had published, “Mark Twain Lebensgeschichte,” an unauthorized and offensive biography in a six-volume edition of MT’s works published in Stuttgart. See Feb. 27 and Apr. 3 for Sam’s requests that the bio by Lutz be suppressed.

Sam also wrote to nephew Samuel E. Moffett.

This biographical sketch suits me entirely—in simplicity, directness, dignity, lucidity—in all ways. All previous ones have made me ashamed of myself.

Bliss can leave it all out, if he needs the room, but if he uses it he must not shorten it or alter it, & he must not put any other in its place [MTP].

Sam also replied to an unidentified man’s request for a photograph that he didn’t carry them when traveling [MTP: ].

July 15 SaturdayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam replied to Daniel Willard Fiske (incoming letter not extant).

Then inside of 3 weeks we shall see you! Good! God could not arrange it better. Except in one way; to reduce the 3 weeks to 3 days. That would increase my reverence & compel my praise.

Think—for Twichell was actually in London (at 2 a.m.) 35 hours before we left there for Sweden. We got his note when we were under way; & so had no glimpse of him. Laurence Hutton arrived the same day, & we had no glimpse of him.


We have no very recent news of Charley Warner, but the last we had was to the effect that he was well recovered from his formidable attack. It was from Howells [letter not extant], & we hope it is true—indeed we have not doubted it. If he needs a perfecting finish, he should come here & let Kellgren furnish it to him. The Clemens family will devote itself to this movement-cure till the end of September, then resume it in London a spell, then go home after mid-winter. I’m doing the cure, too. There is nothing the matter with me; but as there is no dieting & no medicine, my heart is warmed to it. Dieting & medicating are things which I will have nothing to do with, even to preserve my health. I’m taking the cure to pass the time; that is, I was. But now I take it because it freshens me up & makes me feel fine & gay all day. I have never taken any exercise, & I never shall; but I find that exercise is good, provided someone else takes it for me [MTP].

Sam also sent a note to Irene M. Van Lanningham, adding his approval to a June 14 conditional approval from Walter Bliss, secretary of American Publishing Co. The lady had asked for permission to use a selection from TS in a publication [MTP].

July 16 SundayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam wrote to Chatto & Windus, asking that he send “a couple of the very best of Clark Russell’s sea-tales.” He also wanted some smaller pictures of himself, and asked if they hadn’t heard from daughter Clara to please write her. He ended with, “Jönköping is pronounced

Zhenshepping—think of that!”[MTP].

July 17 Monday

July 18 TuesdayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam wrote to Mollie Clemens. His letter is not extant but was transcribed in a letter from Pamela A. Moffett to her son, Samuel on Aug. 3. Sam wrote of the biographical sketch that his nephew had done of him for the Uniform Edition of his works. He wrote they would return to England in the fall and sail for American before spring [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Miss Cohen. As I remember it, two marks were used (mark twain), instead of two crosses” [MTP: Arader catalogs, No. 79, Item 24].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.