Vol 3 Section 0326

276                                                                        1899

July 10 MondaySometime during their stay in Sanna, Sweden (through Sept 27 ), Sam wrote a postcard to Poultney Bigelow, who had encouraged them to take Jean to Sanna, where he had experienced a cure from dysentery.

“We are well satisfied, & very glad you put us up to it. / Hope you are all having a good time. Are you still as brisk & healthy as when I saw you last? / SLC” [MTP].

July 11 TuesdayOn July 18 Sam would write in his notebook that daughter Jean had taken a week of “Kellgren’s Movement Cure,” which puts her initial treatments to this day [NB 40 TS 57]. Note: On Sept. 15 he wrote to his nephew Moffett that Jean “began here on the 11th July…”

July 12 WednesdayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam wrote out his daily routine to daughter Clara, who had remained in London to continue her voice lessons: “Hell, July 12/99 / (Sanna Branch), Sweden”

This is the daily itinerary:

8 to 10 a.m. Inferior London coffee for the damned.

10 to 12 a.m. “Treatment” for the damned.

12 to 2. Pant & gasp & fight the flies.

      Dinner for the damned.

3, till 8, p.m. Pant & gasp & fight the flies.

      Supper & flies for the damned.

    till 11. Flies, fans & profanity

       p.m. Bed. Tallow candles. Flies. No night—dim, pale-blue daylight all night (lat. 58 N.) Cool, & might

be pleasant, but the flies stand watch-&-watch, and persecute the damned all night. No nettings for protection.

Rooms—the size of a tiger’s cage.


Not a bath-room in the whole settlement.

A great lake, but not near by.

Open fields all around the damned—no woods.

Row-boats on a simmering puddle—none on the lake.

It is 4.30 p.m., & too blazing hot to write.

Make your peace with Satan, & come along. Leave your clothes behind: fly-paper is the only wear.

Sam closed by spoofing Clara should encourage Joe Twichell to come; Joe and Laurence Hutton arrived in London earlier than July 26, the date Sam had expected them [MTP]. Note: The context suggests Clara had

written her family prior to this letter. Clara’s is not extant.

July 13 ThursdayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam wrote to Laurence Hutton in London in care of Chatto & Windus.

So you sail Sept. 1st —and we shan’t get a glimpse of you two, for which we are very very sorry. We are here till October taking the Swedish movement-cure. I am taking it myself, for the mental & physical refreshment it furnishes, though there’s nothing the matter with me. We left Clara in London (c/o Chatto & Windus); she will sail for here July 28.

Consound you, why didn’t you & Twichell reach London a couple of days (or one day) earlier? Then we could have had a debauch together [MTP]. Note: In his July 15 to Fiske, Sam wrote that Twichell and Hutton (with spouses) reached London 35 hours before the Clemens family left for Sweden, which would put their arrival at July 5 [Aug. 22 to Rogers].

July 14 FridayIn Sanna, Sweden Sam wrote to Robert Lutz, sending him the finished biographical sketch which his nephew, Samuel E. Moffett had completed from Sam’s draft. Sam informed him it

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.