Vol 3 Section 0319

1899                                                                            269

Moffett felt the bio still seemed very “short and bald” and “a lot more personal details ought to be worked in, but Mr. Bliss seemed to think that only a short sketch was wanted” [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “Miss Ffyffe” [NB 40 TS 57]. Not further identified.

June 27 TuesdaySam’s notebook: “Dine with Mr. White (where?)” [NB 40 TS 57]. Note: likely Frank Marshall White, journalist.

Leila Gittings wrote from Upper Falls, Maryland to Livy, seeing by the papers that the Clemens family had left Vienna and were in London. Was that preliminary to returning to America? [MTP].

June 28 Wednesday – In London, England Sam wrote a PS to his telegram (not extant) to Mr. Massee

(possibly George Edward Massee (1850-1917), principal assistant at Kew Gardens and internationally known scientist—specifically a mycologist and lichenologist—and President of the British Myological Society from 1850-1917) [MTP]. Note: this mis-dated in file as 1907; It may also be 1900.

As soon as I saw my wife this evening & told her about my talk with you she reminded me that I could not put aside a dinner-engagement three weeks old, & said I must telegraph you & save you as much trouble as I could—& so I telegraphed. But it was to no avail, for the tickets arrived half an hour afterward. The daughters are deeply disappointed to miss the Masque, & so are my wife and myself, but we thank you very sincerely…[MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “Max O’R — St. Paul’s school (a.m.)” [NB 40 TS 57]. Note: Max O’Rell’s. See June 30. Note:

Fatout lists Mark Twain speaking at St. Paul’s School, London [MT Speaking 666].

J.G. Huneker mentioned Mark Twain in Musical Courier, p. 23. Tenney: “(Source: Quoted by Robert Falk in The Victorian Mode in American Fiction, 1865-1885 (1965) p.165.) ‘Mr. Clemens is one of the most original writers America has produced and more of an artist than is generally believed. Being a humorous soul the public was slow to recognize his power in other fields. I pin my faith on Huckleberry Finn. For me it is the great American novel, even if it is written for boys ’” [30].

June 29 ThursdayIn London, Clara Clemens wrote for her father to Bram Stoker that the family’s plans had changed, and they were not able to make the trip back to America with the Stokers [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “Thursday, New Vagabonds at King’s Hall, Holborn Restaurant, 7 for 7.30” [NB 40 TS

57]. Note: see below:

Fatout writes of Sam’s speech at the New Vagabonds Club, followed by some excerpts:

Among London clubs that honored Mark Twain—and this time Olivia, too—one was the New Vagabonds, who had evolved from the Old Vagabonds. It was a coterie composed largely of writers, actors and painters who attempted to preserve something of the spirit of the Pre-Raphaelites.

It has always been difficult—leave that word difficult—not exceedingly difficult, but just difficult, nothing

more than that, not the slightest shade to add to that—just difficult—to respond properly, in the right

phraseology, when compliments are paid to me; but it is more than difficult when the compliments are paid to

a better than I—my wife.

When your chairman* said it was the first time he had ever taken the chair, he did not mean that he had not taken lots of other things; he attended my first lecture and took notes. This indicated the man’s disposition. There was nothing else flying around, so he took notes; he would have taken anything he could get.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.