Vol 3 Section 0295

1899                                                                            245

profane when he got back home & learned he hadn’t been elected to the Society [MTHHR 393-4]. Note: See source notes 1-3 after this letter for backstory.

April 19 Wednesday – In Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote to J. Henry Harper to recommend a Baroness for society correspondent of Harper’s Bazaar and of particulars for making an appointment [MTP: Paraphrase: American Art Assoc-Anderson Galleries catalogs; Apr 4, 1934, Item 129]. Note: full text, 250 words, not available.

April 20 Thursday – In Vienna, Austria, Sam replied to Wayne MacVeagh (whose letter is not extant).

“I am glad to be able to answer one at least of those questions definitely: that the family are in very good health & furnishing no support to repairers, except of course the dentists—their ministrations never cease in anybody’s family, I suppose.”

Sam shared plans to return to the U.S. in late Sept. or early Oct., and of their residence there being undecided. He thought they’d stay in Vienna until the first of July, then go to Jersey or Geurnsey for the summer. He closed with a note about Prince Lichnowsky “who was at sea approaching San Francisco— so I hope you will presently meet” [MTP: TS: Lion Heart Autographs catalogs, Feb. 10, 1997, Item 16]. Note: see Feb. 2 on Lichnowsky.

April 21 Friday

April 22 Saturday – In Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote to Frank Bliss.

I am very glad to hear that the Autograph Edition is getting such a fine start.


I return that article. It is pure rubbish, & should be disinfected & used in the closet.

I wouldn’t put away any of my old-time stuff into a book which isn’t already in books. Not a line of it is worth preserving. It should be allowed to remain dead [MTP].

April 23 Sunday

April 24 Monday – Poultney Bigelow wrote a postcard from Vichy, France to Sam.

Just arrived at this city of stinking springs & am vigorously flushing my guts every day while waiting for a water melon, which I hear, ripen in June at Murcia in Spain. I am now on my 12th doctor & he says I must stay here at least one month. We have left the 3 children at a French boarding school near Dinard on the Brittany coast…& we both propose to hire a villa there for 6 mos. & revel in animal delights [MTP].

April 25 Tuesday – At the Hotel Krantz in Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote to Samuel E. Moffett about the biographical sketch of Mark Twain to be used for the Uniform Edition:

Your letter [not extant], with the picture of the cordial boy, has arrived, & I have five minutes in which to answer.

Yes. Use the things you speak of. Also—if you don’t mind—I would like to see your MS before you print. I find that I cannot stand things which I wrote a quarter of a century ago. They seem to have two qualities, gush & vulgarity [MTP]. Note: Sam asked for two copies of his nephew’s sketch.

Sam also wrote to Chatto & Windus.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.