Vol 3 Section 0249

1898                                                                            201

Sam also wrote to Franklin G. Whitmore. All we know of this letter is it was one full page, in which Sam wrote an amusing note chiding Whitmore: “I wish you’d enclose your enclosures, too, instead of promising them…” [MTP: Carnegie Book Shop catalogs, May 28, 1949, Item 86].

November 7 MondayAt the Hotel Krantz in Vienna, Austria, Sam finished his Nov. 6 to H.H.

Rogers with a playful paragraph:

Nov. 7. It just occurs to me: am I a Vice President, or a Director in the Steel Company, or only a General Manager? And what do I get? What is the wages? And will I get anything for advice? Would you advise me to charge high, or go cautious, along at first? Will you collect, or had I better send in a bill? Do you think I had better go on with literature for a while, or begin to run the Company now? You know more than I do about these things. Tell me / Hochachtunssvoll / SLC [MTHHR 374].

Sam’s notebook: “It came—only $150” [NB 40 TS 49]. Note: the check from Forum that he had written James B. Pond about on Nov. 5.

November 8 Tuesday – At the Hotel Krantz in Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote a note and enclosed a MS to James M. Tuohy of the N.Y. World, who had requested a story for the Christmas season. If Tuohy didn’t want the story sent (“The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg”) would he please forward it on to H.H. Rogers, and the same with “Wapping Alice” when he received it [MTP]. Note: see Nov. 2.

Sam’s notebook: “Wrote Rice to send the rest & I would sign the receipt” [NB 40 TS 49]. Note: the check from Joseph Mayer Rice of the Forum that he had written James B. Pond about on Nov. 5 was short $50.

November 9 Wednesday

November 10 Thursday – At the Hotel Krantz in Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote again to James M.

Tuohy of the N.Y. World, to correct the price “Wapping Alice,” sent earlier, to $2,000.

P.S. I make fiction of this tale, for the public won’t give shucks for fact when they can get fiction—& besides I’ve always been a little sore over this cussed adventure, & I couldn’t bring myself to substitute my own name for “Jackson’s” if I should try. However, some day in my Autobiography I intend to get over that delicacy. The thing happened in my house fifteen years ago—I have changed one large but not essential detail—& the participants are mainly dead by this time, perhaps. But my pastor the Rev. Joe Twichell isn’t, & he took out the license, sweated 3 hours in the bathroom, married the couple, & gave me his tearful blessing for my good deed [MTP]. Note: See July 18, 1877 entry, Vol. I. Sam expected the price to be too rich for Tuohy, in which case Rogers would get these MSS. He preferred not to publish in the World.

Sam also wrote an excerpt from his forthcoming article in Harper’s, “Concerning the Jews,” to an unidentified person.

The Jew is not a burden upon the Charities of the State, nor of the city; these could cease their functions without affecting him. When he is well enough to work, he works; when he is incapacitated his own people take care of him. And not in a poor & stingy way, but with a fine & large benevolence. His race is entitled to be called the most benevolent of all the races of men [MTP].

         Rogers cabled Sam: “Harper Bliss myself agreed on contract papers drawn shall I sign cable answer introduction wanted thousand dollars all right Rogers” [NB 40 TS 50 ]. Note: Sam cabled answer on Nov. 11.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.