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1898                                                                            195

Schlagobers or Schlag (whipped cream). Fiaker: Espresso in a glass with sugar and Kirschwasser (a dry cherry brandy), topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Pharisäer: Espresso in a glass with sugar, whipped cream, cocoa, and a shot of rum.

October 16 Sunday

October 17 MondayAt the Hotel Krantz, Austria, Sam wrote to Bettina Wirth. He explained the English expression, “So-long,” and the double-standard of its application.

“Good-bye”, as you know, is restricted in no way, but “So-long” is restricted to friends, familiars; it has an affectionate touch to it. It is lightly, carelessly, familiarly said, & indicates a brief parting, measureable by hours. Its habitat is the Pacific coast. Men use it; & it is equivalent to “See ye again!” If a girl should use it, it would be less than “Good-bye”, & would amount to the friendly & familiar diminutive “By-bye”; & the girl using it would not be a refined & well-bred one; for in a girl’s mouth the phrase would be slang—broadly speaking [MTP: Silverman Manuscripts catalogs, No. 14, Item 24].

October 18 Tuesday – At the Hotel Krantz in Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote to Frank Bliss.

The 3 books have come. Many Thanks.

Come! Haven’t you found out yet, that you mustn’t agree upon the details of a contract & then go back to Hartford before it is signed? Now do go down there, & get Mr. Rogers’s help, and stay there until the thing is completed beyond recal. You have had experience enough to know that no other way will ever succeed. When the contract has actually been signed, cable me so, & under that inspiration I will drop everything & write an introduction. There’s no inspiration now for the contract seems as far off as ever.

Your sample page is very attractive. Please keep a sharp eye on the proofs / Truly yours / SLC [PBA

Galleries, Apr. 30, 2009, Sale 402 Item 200659].

Note: Sam is referring to the supplement to the Dec. 31, 1896 contract made between Bliss, Harper & Brothers and Livy, which would be signed on Nov. 11. See the complete text in MTHHR p.688-90.

Sam also wrote to H.H. Rogers. He was punishing himself for saying to the Harpers that he’d wished they had all his trade books and Bliss the subscription ones; for the contract supplement had not yet been signed, and though he thought all had been settled, he guessed “nothing is really settled with the Harpers until they have signed.” He was having second thoughts about sending “The Memorable Assassination” to the Ladies’ Home Journal and Edward Bok. He didn’t want to be in print too frequently as he felt it would hurt his market. And, after receiving a copy of the Ladies’ Home Journal, which he’d never seen before, he was downcast:

Why, bless my soul, it is a mere literary night-cart. I would rather steal nickels for a living than earn it writing for such a rag as that. It is full of Wanamaker & his Sunday schools & other hypocricies. It ought to be medicated, & restricted to the Bleeding Piles Hospital

[Note: John Wanamaker, Philadelphia retailer, had been the object of a lawsuit by Sam in Aug. 1886 for selling Grant’s Memoirs below cost. The lawsuit failed. Wanamaker’s Bethany Presbyterian Church Sunday school was one of the largest in America. See entries MTDBD Vol. 2.]

Sam added a PS about Bliss not paying the $1,000 he’d promised for the McClure’s Magazine excerpt of FE [MTHHR 369].

In the evening Sam attended a peace rally at the Etablissement Ronacher organized by Bertha von Suttner, followed by a gala supper given by the Baroness at the Hotel Sacher. The rally at the old vaudeville theatre and ballroom was free to the public and the place was packed. Sam had to follow the

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.