Vol 3 Section 0240

“Miss Harrison writes under date of Oct. 3d that our balance in Mr. Rogers’s hands is $18,068.89”

192                                                                        1898

Notse: the essay, “My Debut as a Literary Person,” was used as the title piece in the 1903 My Debut as a Literary Person and Essays and Other Stories. The latter “new story” was “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg.” The article with the Hornet text would eventually be published in the Nov. 1899 Century as “My Debut as a Literary Person.” Sam noted the letter to Rogers in his notebook [NB 40 TS 46].

October 1-13Sam’s notebook entry contains four quatrains: “AGE—A Rubaiyat” [NB 40 TS 47].

October 2 Sunday

October 3 MondayIn Kaltenleutgeben, Austria, Sam wrote to H.Q. Russ in Lynn, Mass. who had written (not extant) about ordering a bust of Sam done by the Russian sculptress, Theresa Fedorowna Ries. Sam wrote that Russ’ letter made him proud and he hoped “that the bust will be inspired to speak, & that it will say grateful things to you & to my unknown friend the bride.” Sam enclosed Miss Ries’ letter asking several questions about the type of bust Russ wanted—bronzed terra cotta, white plaster of Paris, actual bronze, or in Carrara marble; would it be delivered in Vienna or sent to America? [MTP]. Note: Sam began sitting for the bust on Dec. 15, 1897. See also Apr. 20, 1898 entry.

Katharine I. Harrison wrote to Sam, letter not extant but referred to in Sam’s notebook entry following the Oct. 14 entry:

[NB 40 TS 47].

Theresa Feodorowna Ries, Russian sculptress, wrote in German from Vienna to Sam. Sam wrote across the top left hand side of the letter: “At the atelier she used to talk English to me & I German to her. By this method we could entertain each other without revealing our thoughts. SLC” [MTP].

October 4 Tuesday

October 5 Wednesday Henry M. Alden for Harper & Brothers wrote to Sam:

I am taking your essay, “Concerning the Jews”, which is timely in connection with the interest now awakened in Austrian affairs and in the Dreyfus case and am allowing you …$500.00, in payment….“My Platonic

Sweetheart” is neither a downright story nor a downright essay. / I was sorry to see the announcement by the Century of a short story of yours. The next time you have a short story I wish you would let us have it [MTP]. Note: See Nov. 2 for Sam’s reply.

October 6 Thursday

October 7 FridayIn Kaltenleutgeben, Austria, Sam wrote to James B. Pond, asking when he saw the editor of Forum to ask about Sam’s article “About Play-Acting.” Sam had not heard back from Forum (the piece ran in the Oct. issue). He expressed hope that they would return home “just a year from now— everything promises well for that.” He also noted the passing of another old, wandering lecturer:

“I see that ‘Jeems Pipes’ is dead. This is a surprise. He was a most cheerful & even gay gray-headed man when I knew him in San Francisco 33 years ago, & I counted him indestructible. It is a warning. You & I are docketed to follow” [MTP]. Note: Stephen C. Massett (1820-1898) died on Aug. 19. See Sept 2, 1869 entry and others, Vol I.

About this time Clara Clemens decided to give up the piano and take up voice lessons. The reason usually given was that she discovered her hands were too small to do the needed performances on the piano. There are various months cited in various secondary sources for Clara’s decision, but the best

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.