Vol 3 Section 0179

1898                                                                            135

our people” [MTP]. Note: the book was for Princess Metternich. Sam entered his postcard idea to Bliss in his notebook [NB 40 TS 12].

The Clemens family attended the funeral of Ritter von Dutschka, who died on Feb. 9 [NB 40 TS 12].

Katharine I. Harrison wrote to Sam that his last interest payment (often called “dividends”) had been made to all the creditors except the Mt. Morris Bank, George Barrow & Son, and Mrs. Jesse Grant. The amount she held in Sam’s account totaled $19,447.47: “I wish I could shout it across the water to you, so that you would get it ten days ahead of this letter” [MTHHR 322]. See MTB 1056. Sam’s final debt would be to George Barrow & Son, and he would respond on Aug. 19 to a notice of settlement of that debt from Rogers, the notice not extant.

Sam also inscribed a copy of FE to Mr. & Mrs. R. Howard Krause: “To / Mr. & Mrs. R. Howard Krause / with the kindest regards of / The Author. / Vienna, Feb. 11, 1898” [MTP].

February 12 Saturday – At the Hotel Metropole in Vienna, Austria, Sam replied again to Arthur E. Gilbert, who evidently had queried him about the shape of the stem for the pipe he was naming after Mark Twain.

Yes, large bowl with inclined stem—don’t like straight stem. Send the one you are naming for me.

I enclose the address of a pipe-dealer—the only one my wife knows. She buys my pipes for me. This dealer tries to keep the Peterson, but is generally out of stock when I want one.

Now don’t send me a pipe if I’ve got to send back an opinion of it. People who buy soap do that, but I don’t buy soap, or use it either [MTP].

Sam’s notebook:

“From letter to Bram Stoker: If he is willing, his commission for acting as agent for my plays, to 15% of the profits accruing to me, all over the world, & he to pay the commissions of all his sub-agents out of his 15%”

[NB 40 TS 12]. Note: See Mar. 7 to Rogers.

February 13 Sunday – J. Brander Dunbar wrote to Sam questioning his use of a quotation on p. 305 of More Tramps Abroad, (FE). The quotation was by Roualeyn Gordon Cumming (1820-1866), Scottish traveler and sportsman who had written many African hunting safari articles, including some to Harper’s. Dunbar (and Dunbar’s cousin) claimed to have the original quotation, and judged that Sam’s use of it “is at variance with it.” He asked what source Sam used for the quote [MTP]. Note: Sam sent Dunbar’s letter to Chatto & Windus on Feb. 17. See entry.

February 14 Monday

February 15 TuesdayIn the evening the battleship Maine exploded in Havana harbor, resulting in war between America and Spain. The exact cause of the explosion remains a mystery.

February 16 Wednesday

February 17 Thursday – In Vienna, Austria, Sam wrote to Chatto & Windus, enclosing J. Brander Dunbar’s letter of Feb. 13 (see entry). Sam wrote Dunbar that he copied the quotation in question from a “small book of travels & adventures,” but that he didn’t recall the title or the author. He asked Chatto to write Dunbar and refer him to the chapter and page of Roualeyn Gordon Cumming’s book

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