Vol 3 Section 0103

1897                                                                              61

The Chap-Book, p.151-2 reprinted Sam’s “reluctant” June 19 letter to the NY Herald, then editorialized: “We should like to believe still that the real man in health and happiness is somewhat more sturdy than the pathetically flaccid and groveling figure we are trying not to see today” [Tenney: “A Reference Guide Fourth Annual Supplement,” American Literary Realism, Autumn 1980 p. 173]. Note: for more of this editorial, see MTHHR 289n3.

Sam used two overlapping notebooks for this period (now #41 and 42). The latter contains an address list of eight pages, together with day of week and/or times each was available for social calls. These provide an insight into important persons he either met, or intended to meet, or wanted to know about. Most of these were in Vienna, a few elsewhere. The following list is in the order he entered it (omitting a few duplications) . Each entry was separated with a short horizontal line. These listings may have been accumulated over a period of days or weeks. The list directly follows the Gletscher Museum entry and is prior to Sam’s description of the Villa Bühlegg, which the family took possession of on July 16.




Gisbert Clemens

Wipplingerstr 4.

Countess Czernin

VIII Landesgerichtstrasse 9.

Countess Clam (Excellenz.)

IX Wahringerstr 30.

Before 3 o’clock

Princess Khevenhuller

IX Turkenstrasse 19

Before 2 p.m.

Princess Dietrichstein

I Minoriten platz 4

Princess Hatzfeld

I. Parkring, Palais Colorado, ecke der


Princess Croy

Schonburggasse 10

2 p.m.

Baroness Schneider-Arno

Maysedergasse 6, III stock.

Count de Busirei [sic Buisseret]

Wohllebengasse 11

3 pm, Weds.

Dr. Otis

Elizabethstr 9

Baroness Bienerth

I. Lederhof 2.

Count Harrach

Palace Harrach. Freiung.

The Swiss Minister (de Claparede)

III. Veithgasse 11.

Fridays, 5.

Countess Alice Hardegg

I. Herrengasse 6

6 pm & 12 noon

Princess Metternich Gorden

27 Rennwegg – III. Palace.

6 pm.

Mrs. C.A. Nichols

219 King’s Road Cheasea SW


Wiener Frauen-Erwerb Verein

VI. Rohlgasse 4


2 Maximilienstrasse 28


Prof. Winternitz

Wipplingerstrasse 28—2nd floor


Countess Vetter-Wimpfen

Tuchlauben 13—1st floor

Count (Sagehenyi) & his mother

IV. Plosselgasse 2.

Count Ahlefeldt, Danish Minister

25 Rennweg.

Baron Christian v. Berckheim

III. Fasangasse 51.

Lady Stewart

VI. Kostlergasse 13.

Mr. Findlay

Jaquingasse 31.

Ludwig Kleinberg

I. Bartensteingasse 16.

Milbank, Brit. Emb.

Rennweg 23

Wm Wood

19 Boulevard Berthier, Paris

Countess Thum Salm

Thum Palace, Karutnerstrasse 41

Count Richard Coudenhove

III. Auenbruggerstrasse 2

Countess M. Wydenbruck-Esterhazy

Rennweg 1a.

Monday, Wed. & Friday

Count Lanckoronski

Jaquingasse 8

Cards to be left by

Count Coudenhove.

They have no day.

Count Kuelmansegge

Herrngasse 11.

Cards to go by Clara.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.