Vol 3 Section 0051

1897                                                                            11

23d. He [Wilson] rushed out of shop in the Strand, without noticing whither he was going—struck a hand-cart, fell & hit the curbstone with back of his head. Surgeon says if he lives he will be mentally damaged [NB 41 TS 5].

January 24 Sunday Caroline B. Le Row wrote offering to return to Clemens his “financial gift” of $250 long ago, which the Century had paid him, which he then gave to her, for her “little book,” English As She Is Taught. Le Row was now a teacher of reading at a Girls’ high school in Brooklyn and could send it in a month or so if he needed it [MTP]. Note: Printed in MFMT 137-8

This whimsical ad (see insert) ran in the Boston Daily Post and reflects the widespread use of Mark Twain’s persona for marketing, as Camfield writes, with Sam’s full blessing:

Even though Clemens had a proprietary right in his name and image, he freely let businesses use his name to endorse their products. For instance, Clemens let the Mark Twain name be associated with packaged wheat flour, with cigars, with whiskey. Henry Ward Beecher had already broken the endorsement ground by taking money to endorse Pears’ soap. Clemens was less concerned about the immediate cash than the free advertising. He knew that it was important not to flood the market with his product, but that his product’s value would slip if he fell too far or too long out of the public eye. So he appreciated pervasive advertisement on products [456].

January 24-28 ThursdaySam’s notebook:

I wish the Lord would disguise himself in citizen’s clothing & make personal examination of the sufferings of the poor in London. He would be moved, & would do something for them Himself.


Last night Mrs. Clemens dreamed that she visited the Ambassador, with Katy for escort. Katy followed her into the drawingroom, but went only just within the door, & modestly stopped there. There was diplomatic company present—yet the subject taken up was strong language—none defending it. Mrs. C. presently confessed that I used formidable language sometimes. Out of the distance Katy’s loyal voice piped up: “Mr. Clemens is the purest man I ever saw!”—who sorely embarrassed Mrs. C. & startled the company.

Miss Bayard came & said privately to Livy, “I want to have a word with that maid of yours—evidently there isn’t anything commonplace about her, whatever else she may be.”

You see, a dream-figure—ostensibly Livy’s own creation—astonishes & shames her with its remarks.


Like the caprice of God, which passeth understanding.


Patrick Collins, Con[sul] General

12 St. Helen’s Place Bishopgate Get address Venice Consul

Send £1.1.0 to Authors Club


Get saccharine

“ smoking tobacco

4 electric bulbs


The ship was Birkenhead, not the Berkeley Castle—see Froude [NB 41 TS 5-6].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.